The First Thing

In 1993, Yanza, dealing with a team of US-based lawyers, filed a class-action lawsuit against Texaco. Plaintiffs included a coalition of residents brought together by Yanza's organization, including 80 villages and five different indigenous peoples. The original case against Texaco was filed in 1993 in a fresh York district court, near Texaco's headquarters. In 1996, an excellent court judge dismissed the situation, but the plaintiffs filed an appeal and won a reversal of your choice. In 2002, the US Court of Appeals agreed with Chevron's request to send the situation to Ecuador.

The Second Thing

Though a sugar mill was blamed for almost all of the pollution, regular water quality monitoring soon revealed sewage and improper solid waste disposal from the cities of Autlán and El Grullo to experiment with a substantial role as well. Successful waste separation, recycling and composting programs were implemented. Meanwhile, under great pressure from the University and its own many partners, the federal government started out building regional sewage treatment plants. In the first 1980s the region received international attention from the scientific community when a perennial relative of maize was found out in your community by University of Guadalajara researchers. Right from the start, the University's strategy included strong social outreach and environmental education programs to check the basic science research. The impact of Yanza and Fajardo's efforts on Ecuador's oil industry is already far-reaching.

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